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Member’s Reciprocal Program & Ballot

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your membership with us.

To unlock a world of incredible opportunities, we invite you to click the button below. Discover the complete details on how to book reciprocal golf experiences at our esteemed Sister Clubs.

Your unwavering support and dedication to our community mean the world to us. We are committed to providing you with exceptional service and extraordinary golfing adventures.

Click the button below to take advantage of your membership benefits!

A Reciprocal Request Form may be submitted by 6 PM each Monday for play the following Monday.

The date your form is submitted has no bearing on ballot priority, but it must be received prior to the 6:00 pm deadline on Monday. Duplicate ballots will be discarded. If your name is on multiple ballots it will be removed from others and you risk not getting the time or group you prefer. To avoid this, please only add other members to a ballot after communicating with them first.

Please complete all fields. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Thank you!

If we are unable to fill your request, there are three other methods to book and play reciprocal golf:

  1. 5-day advance bookings at reduced Windmill Rates (25-100%), as per below table; or
  2. A ‘same day’ booking at a 100% reduced green fee: or
  3. Use of a Windmill Pass with a 5-day booking. Two Windmill Passes per Sister Club have been loaded on the profile of all Eligible Primary Member’s profile
Windmill Rate Table Playing single or with 1-2 guests Playing with 3 guests
9-holes & Twilight 25% 100%
18-holes 50% 100%
Same day bookings
(18, 9 or twilight)
100% 100%

*Discounts are calculated off regular posted rates.

Playing Windows:

  • Anytime Monday-Friday and after 2 pm on weekends and holidays.
  • Prior to 2 pm on weekends or holidays, the Member-Guest rate applies (to both members and guests).

Bookings (5-day or same day): made direct to the club you wish to play, by phone or online. Club contacts are listed below.

Before Calling: Please scan the tee sheet online prior to calling to check if space is available.

Carts: Are payable at the Club you visit. An annual cart due at a Home Club or a pass does not carry.

Please Note: Bearspaw reciprocal golf does not use this same system (Ballot, 5-day or same day). Please see ‘How to Play Bearspaw).

Please Review: the 2024 RECIPROCAL GOLF PROGRAM (button above) so there are no misunderstandings at check-in.

Enjoy a variety of great golf this year and thanks again for being a member!

If you have any Reciprocal Ballot questions please email [email protected]