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Tee Times Now Open for Preview Play!

24 Jun 2019, Posted by Sam Schultz in Uncategorized

It is with great enthusiasm that Windmill Golf Group proudly announces that the highly anticipated Mickelson National Golf Club is now open for preview play. The grand opening for all 18 holes will be in 2020, however, 4 holes are ready for play and this number will gradually increase throughout the summer as the grow-in continues. Do not…

Progress Report on Mickelson National

06 Aug 2018, Posted by Sam Schultz in Uncategorized

Barry Ehlert, Managing Partner of Windmill Golf Group interviews with Peter Watts from 770 CHQR regarding the construction of Mickelson National Golf Club and the exclusive sneak peek Tour & Play event happening this summer.

Architects in the 21st century

08 Nov 2016, Posted by Sam Schultz in Uncategorized

Watching the monumental task of building a golf course, the difficulties and the number of pairs of scissors which you need to rip through the preverbeal red tape is really mindblowing. In North America at this time, 2016, there are 5 courses in active dirt moving efforts. Shaping the ground from nothing to something. And you can only…

MN Member #36 this is for you

17 Oct 2016, Posted by Sam Schultz in Uncategorized

Feedback and comments are greatly appreciated from our Mickelson members and I even listen to them from time to time. Feedback ranges from, fun articles, very informative to please shorten it up and just get to the point. Often siting their attention span, limits specific readers from actually getting to the end of the article. One page does…

Walking into the Sun

28 Sep 2016, Posted by Sam Schultz in Uncategorized

The glistening sunlight of the rising sun coming out of the east is something that all ticking heart beats can relate to. Walking into the sun first thing in the morning with 3 other adventurers is why we play. Mickelson’s first hole is slightly north east but you get the picture. Mickelson National encourages an optimism on the…

Draft 14

12 Sep 2016, Posted by Sam Schultz in Uncategorized

One set of plans, one time, if only it were that simple. As I write this article, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, even this one page of drivel has evolved past draft #1. I know that seems unimagineable but true it is. Mickelson National has come a long way, given that this parcel…

The space in between……

26 Aug 2016, Posted by Sam Schultz in News, Uncategorized

Making a putt to finish a hole, can be an exhilarating feeling, a feeling that can also leave you relieved but right around the corner is another opportunity for success and redemption. That walk in between, from green to the next tee can be an aha moment. It can be, the best walk in golf. Ok, the best…

The Par 3 Grotto

08 Aug 2016, Posted by Sam Schultz in News, Uncategorized

Par 3 holes can often be the most memorable and exciting holes on a golf course. Sometimes based on land that is awkward, a ravine or wrinkle in the land. Sometimes architects use par 3s as connectors to get to other areas. You hope each par 3 is different and has character enough to leave a golfer with…

Club, Culture, a blank slate…

28 Jul 2016, Posted by Sam Schultz in News, Uncategorized

Culture at a golf club, what is that? It’s not the band from the 80s, that all of you know the song to, coma, coma, coma, coma, coma, chameleon……. you know the rest. It’s a feeling, a friendliness and familiarity that people buy into and want to be a part of. Tradition is often involved. There is no…

Mickelson National Club Mixer Event

12 Jul 2016, Posted by Sam Schultz in News, Uncategorized

Brook Macmahon First Winner Of Mickelson National Club Mixer Event With 40 Net Stableford Points. (Left: Brook Macmahon, Right: Mark Corrigan) 2nd place: Rashid Mohamed 3rd place : Ken Arkley both with 34 pts Thank you to all the guys who participated!