Mickelson National Golf Club | Mickelson National Golf Club Reaches Major Milestone with Seeding of First Holes


Mickelson National Golf Club Reaches Major Milestone with Seeding of First Holes

Posted: 01 Aug 2017 Sam Schultz News

Calgary, AB – A dream a decade in the making is about to become a reality as specialists forge ahead with the seeding and sodding of Mickelson National Golf Club. This milestone marks the home stretch of the construction process.

An unparalleled group of professionals, including Phil Mickelson and his design team, Oliphant Golf, Wilco Contractors, development partners Bordeaux Developments and Qualico Communities in partnership with the experts at Windmill Golf Group have been brought together to bring this project to fruition.

“These individuals, in my opinion, are the best group of people and organizations ever assembled to build a golf course in Canada”, enthuses Barry Ehlert, Managing Partner/Owner, Windmill Golf Group. “Mickelson National Golf Club is set to become one of the nation’s most prestigious and revered golf courses from the day it opens.”

The golf course is being built to bring families and community together, allow businesses a platform for relationship building and to host major and local national golf tournaments.

Upon walking his namesake course during his recent Canada Day visit to Calgary, Phil Mickelson observed, “Word is starting to get around. It’s a special place.” He further commented, “it’s even more so as you start to be able to visually see it. Now, you can see some of the dramacs of the holes. Some of the trees are planted. You can see some of the bunkering. You can get a better visual of how it’s going to look and feel and play when it’s grassed.”

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Windmill Golf Group
Kimberley Smith
Executive Assistant to Barry Ehlert

About Windmill Golf Group:
Windmill Golf Group’s roots began in the 1950’s when Lawrence Ehlert – who managed a small 9-hole golf course in Southern Alberta for 30 years – expanded the course to 18 holes. Lawrence’s son, Ron, grew up working at the golf course and was later involved with the design and construcon of dozens of golf courses around Alberta including some local courses such as Elbow Springs Golf Club, McCall Lake and Lakeside Greens. Ron Ehlert owns Elbow Springs and is President of Windmill Golf Group creating a stepping stone for his son, Barry. Barry Ehlert
continues the family legacy with a huge enthusiasm for golf and the golf business.

He is a leader in his own right as Owner and Managing Partner of The Hamptons Golf Club, Mickelson National Golf Club (presently under construction), Boulder Creek, Silverwing Links, Springbank Links Golf Clubs located in Calgary as well as The Wilderness Club in Montana.