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Club, Culture, a blank slate…

Posted: 28 Jul 2016 Sam Schultz News, Uncategorized

Culture at a golf club, what is that? It’s not the band from the 80s, that all of you know the song to, coma, coma, coma, coma, coma, chameleon……. you know the rest. It’s a feeling, a friendliness and familiarity that people buy into and want to be a part of. Tradition is often involved. There is no formula, there is no magic spell needed, but you know you want to be a part of it when you feel it. Mickelson National is starting with a blank slate.

Being a member at a private club can be viewed as a privilege and each club holds a different feel, with very different traditions. Some focus on families, others hold onto golfs traditions, some archaic and outdated. Other clubs are breathing through a straw with the serial annual, which allows for no growth. But each club holds a theme in which they build their membership base. Sadly the clubs that don’t know what they are, often implode.

Joining a club such as Mickelson National that isn’t open just yet, seems like an uncertain decision. But it does contain a pinch of optimism, with hope of great possibilities. It really is a blank slate that each member can help to create a sense of belonging and great pride. A place where they want to share time with family, friends and people of worth in their life.

Mickelson National is a big bold golf course with majestic views and beguiling corridors. 240 acres of foothills. Good players of Calgary will gravitate to play here, practice facilities will be top notch and challenges will be plentiful. And deep down who doesn’t want good players representing their club. There’s a cult like understanding, in any city, where the good players live. Fostering good play, it enables growth as well as the love for being around the club. Time spent at the club translates into club support.

Mickelson National is owned privately, it is not owned by the members which means politics will not be on the forefront, answers will be given by a general manager without the need for board approval or debate. It will be a club where members can enjoy, a place to escape from the day to day life, a haven from it all. Rather than a feeling of burden to govern your club.

As a progressive group, growth is important and the golf industry is evolving each day. Being a leader in a traditionally stagnant industry is important for our survival as well as the golf industry in general. Giving members options with dues, whether it be a pass program or a variety of courses, evolution is not a want it’s a must.

Mickelson will be a big boy course with a gentle touch. Losing a golfball will be difficult but if you play the wrong tees, you still won’t lose balls, but your pain threshold will be tested. Playability will be high, scoring will be tough but the enjoyment will be off the charts.

With a membership at Mickelson National comes a club with great ambitions and new model in western Canada that a lot of young families will find enticing. In today’s world everybody wants more and wants the best. We hope Mickelson will be very special and the number of courses our members will have access to is unparalleled. At the end of the day the demographic of our members will determine our culture. As we surpass 100 members at MN, it is young, golf enthusiast, type of membership that have a course able to host any event in the world. Mickelson is evolving into a flagship for golf and possibly a new culture of what private membership will be going forward.