About Windmill Golf Group

Windmill Golf Group’s roots began in the 1950’s when Lawrence Ehlert – who managed a small 9 hole golf course in Southern Alberta for 30 years – expanded the course to 18 holes. Lawrence’s passion for the golf course business was admirable to others and especially to his son, Ron. Ron Ehlert grew up working at the golf course his father operated, driving tractors and mowing grass. When time came to choose a profession, Ron decided to further his education and went on to become a Landscape Architect. He was involved with the design and construction of dozens of golf courses around Alberta including some local courses such as Elbow Springs Golf Club, McCall Lake and Lakeside Greens. Ron had the opportunity to become the majority shareholder of Elbow Springs and had the great experience of designing, building, and managing the golf course for almost 20 years before retiring. He still owns Elbow Springs and has established a stepping stone for his family.

His family continues the family legacy with a huge enthusiasm for golf and the golf business. They are leaders in their own right as owners and Managing Partners of several golf courses in Alberta and Montana.









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